What is God?

What is God?

To my lovely followers,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a cracking Christmas. It is often in the New Year that deep thoughts about life and existence come into play.

I hope you had a great festive period off to recuperate and recharge your batteries.  I was in Gran Canara for my holiday and had a blast with loved ones.  Pictures and videos are on Instagram, link below.  So if you don’t already follow me, please do as I am a bit of a clown when I’m enjoying myself.
It is often at this time of New Year that promises are made to the self and resolutions to make this year the best.  I find that quite interesting considering each day is a new year or new day to start afresh.  Forgive the past and begin new habits.  Shouldn’t our birthdays also be new years, new years on the planet?
With that said many of you are contacting me to get coaching in various areas of your lives, such as career, relationships or coming out and it is with that I have a special offer on now.  £50 per session for a breakthrough in any area of your life, which is normally £85 per session.  After January this discount will no longer apply.  So hurry up and take advantage of the help and support I provide.  The results are guaranteed and life changing.
With that I have made a small fun video on What is God?  The concept of God has changed for me over the years and I have become less spiritual and more logical about the matter.  Let me know if you agree or disagree on the matter.  Give it a thumbs up to like it and please share it with all your friends.
Finally I have started writing my next book on relationships and will be offering an online workshop in February about the topic.  So if you are interested or know someone else who is please register your interest by email.

See you next week.

Much love,

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