Uncensored YouTube Comments

Uncensored YouTube Comments

To my lovely followers,

I normally simply delete all negative, nasty comments from my YouTube Channel. All comments are monitored and only allowed to go on site after approval by me.
I see plenty of comments both nice and not nice. I used to follow the philosophy of forgive and delete. However after a recent interaction with the famous gay YouTube Riyadh K I decided to change this way of thinking.
Riyadh told me, that the more comments and more likes or dislikes each video has the higher is appears in searches and thus the more followers you get.
Now I don’t approve all comments, the down right nasty ones I still delete because what they say is unkind. But I do allow more then I used to.
This video is where I read out the down right ugly comments and thus please DO NOT watch this at work. Do it from the privacy of your own home.
I also explain how I deal with the comments so if you got anything like that how you can also deal with them with ease.
So get watching and leave a comment and like the video so I know what you are thinking!

Much love,

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