Types of Guys to date

Types of Guys to date

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What kinds of guys are there in the world? From players to closeted men, find out how to choose the right guy for you!

Is it snowing where you are at the moment? It is both exciting and tiring to see that winter is still with us. However, it teaches us the valuable lesson of impermanence and variety which exists in nature around us.
The same variety which exists in the dating scene. Are you single and want to mingle? I have been working with quite a few clients on the issue of being in a relationship and coupled with the book and workshop I’m doing I thought I’d make a short video on the matter.
The dating scene is full of many people and thus knowing what you want is paramount. Are you after fun, casual dates or something more serious and long term? Once you know this then you can decide. For long term partners I would avoid people who are players, meaning you are suspicious of them as they take a while to reply to your messages and meeting up and you think they are seeing multiple people (unless you are into polyamorous and open relationships).
Also partners who hide what they do and with whom (classically closeted people or those who are scared of their families) will be difficult to have a proper relationship with as they will always hide your relationship from the public so you are not found out. This can put a toil onto your relationship.
Emotionally needy or jealous types of partners will also drive you around the bend as they enquire your ever move. Be prepared to be cross examined and made to be the reason for their woes if you date a person like this.
Finally avoidant personalities are those who are unable to get close with people and thus will avoid showing their emotions to you. With these types you will never know where you stand and may be isolated or alone because of it.
The best types of people to date are those who are emotionally balanced and have come from loving background and/or who have done a lot of inner healing on themselves. Of course we cannot choose who we fall for and only discover the personality a few months into the relationship. Thus take this advice with a pinch of salt and look within you as to why you have attracted this person. Do you share similar qualities with this person or is there healing you must do?
If the answer to the question is the latter then get in touch and let’s do a relationship breakthrough together so you can have the relationship of your dreams. Prices will be going up after the end of January so please be quick.
Finally I have started writing my next book on relationships and will be offering an online workshop in February about the topic. So if you are interested or know someone else who is please register your interest by email detailing what topics you want me to talk about. And yes it is for everyone, not just the LGBT Community.

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