Section 377 No More!

Section 377 No More!

To my lovely followers,

I can’t believe the time has now come. Section 377 is no more! The British Colonial laws that criminalised homosexuality that had been in place for nearly 2 centuries have been struck down by the Supreme Court.
Initially the Delhi High Court had struck it down in 2009 but the decision was overturned by the Supreme Court of India in 2013. It has been a 5 year battle of petitions and campaigning by wonderful people all over India and abroad which has proved successful.
However, the battle is not over. Religious and far right groups want to overturn this decision and thus we need to keep vigilant. Also we are all well aware that just because the law says something it does not mean that it is been carried out by all members of society.
Right from the law force down to the family we need to keep campaigning for LGBT Rights to be seen as fundamental human rights in and across India and it’s diaspora worldwide.
This simply has opened the dialogue to bring Gay marriage and Transgender rights to India. We still have a way to go with gender and sexual rights.

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