How To Deal With The Anxiety Of Coming Out

How To Deal With The Anxiety Of Coming Out

Are you anxious of coming out? Or anxious of life in general? Then watch this week’s video to find out how to get rid of it.

Anxiety is the fear of the future. It is the fear of what will happen in the coming years or months. It can stifle anyone if they get caught up in that conundrum. Of course with the knowledge that we know, especially if you have been following me for a while, our thoughts/feelings create our reality. Thus if you fear about what will come by focusing on what you don’t want, you are more likely to bring that into your experience.
Thus it always benefits to focus on what you want as though you have it, to succeed in your life, bring it to you and to remain balanced.
The technique in the video is a simplified version of Timeline Therapy. First we must deduce how you organise time, whether your past or future is organised in front of you or through you. Once we have that, we pick one specific event that you are anxious about. Imagine the successful competition of that event, what you actually want. Then to float out into your future (imaginary) to 15 mins after the successful completion of that event and turn to look towards now. Then you check where the anxiety is. It would have gone, as the event has completed successfully.
It is a very useful too to remove anxiety through focusing on what you want as though it has already happened. The imagination part of it along the timeline brings into your conscious reality the successful competition of the event. If you keep practising this, imagining all the events you are anxious about completing as you want them to, not only with the emotion of anxiety disappear, but the manifestation of that which you desire becomes!
A win, win approach that you must do. Now that was anxiety, but to remove other negative emotions or limiting beliefs/decisions you must contact me directly for a breakthrough session. A session that will allow you to live your life with empowered freedom. So what are you waiting for?

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