Are you Top, Bottom or Versatile?

Are you Top, Bottom or Versatile?

To my lovely followers,

Are you top, bottom or versatile? That is the same question asked by many gay people, especially on dating sites? So what do they mean and how do you know what you are?

How are you getting along with the cold long winter days? Are you following your New Year, New You resolutions? Do you need further help and guidance? Then get in touch with me, and I can help you 🙂
So this week’s video is about being top, bottom or versatile. Now for my non gay fans, these are terms used by the gay community to state their sexual preference/position in bed. With top being the penetrative partner, bottom receptive and versatile the one who is up for it all 😉
It is something that is branded on dating sites as well as in bars, clubs and social circles with bottoms often deemed less than tops due to their stereotype of being feminine. Yes my non-gay followers the gay scene is misogynistic.
Many gay men, due to the deep guilt and shame of being different or thought to be less than manly have many insecurities and limiting beliefs about themselves which can lead to a lot of self hatred or discrimination. That said many are reclaiming who they are and are using these terms with empowerment. Power on! Have a look at my short video to see what you think? My No1 Bestseller book Bollywood Gay goes in much more detail about this.
Finally I have started writing my next book on relationships and will be offering an online workshop in February about the topic. So if you are interested or know someone else who is please register your interest by email detailing what topics you want me to talk about. And yes it is for everyone, not just the LGBT Community.

See you next week.

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