Bollywood Gay


“Your birth is a revolution. You chose to be born like this.” Tired of the closet lifestyle, arranged marriages, (dis)honor(able) killings happening all around me, in the UK I decided to do something about it. Guys I knew or had dated were marrying someone of the opposite sex, fueling up on drug induced sex orgies, or selling themselves on Grindr to find validation whilst suffocating with shame. The guilt and shame of being gay and South Asian. Yes, for LGBTI people of color, the story is still the same. Stuck in archaic times, families hold on to izaat (honor), societal pressure, and the need to conform. So I turned to spirituality for solace. After a yoga teacher’s course, life coaching certificates, and many grueling silent meditation retreats later I felt like myself again. And that’s when I decided to write Bollywood Gay, a revolutionary, fiery, and necessary bible for those wanting an authentic life. The book has an activist slant, urging people first to sort their own issues before moving onto the bigger task of bringing LGBTI rights in South Asia. It is based on the Law of Attraction principles, with each chapter finishing with an action sheet, intended to dive into the mind, to allow the listener to pierce through blockages, limiting beliefs, feelings, goals, and desires. Do you want the man of your dreams? Do you want to come out to your family? Do you want to live a happier life? All the action sheets will spearhead you on to that effect. The book aims to be positive, motivational, inspirational, and eye opening. I want to remove the years of self-victimization and external blame so you can reclaim your inner power. I want you to realize that you are the change and can do it in an instant with each and every thought, feeling, and word you use.

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Bollywood Gay:’A help yourself book to living an authentic life.’

‘Do you want the man of your dreams? Do you want to come out

to your family? Do you want to live a happier life?’

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