Who Am I?

Who Am I?

To my lovely followers,

I have been distant for a while.  When I was doing LGBT activism full time it was easy, but now I have a full time job and life commitments plus studying full time for my education. I am sorry for being away.  Someone has sent phishing malware to my website so it is down until it is fixed.  I haven’t even got road to finishing my second book but that is all ok.  I have been developing, growing, learning, understanding and that has been ace. I keep releasing videos ad hoc-ly and doing a few things here and there activism wise.  But I am not like those self promoting social whizz kids who publish everything in every post! I wish I was more involved in social media at times, but I like to eat my lunch with my friend and to enjoy their company without playing on my phone 😀 Recently I was at a Stonewall Trainers Training which helps teachers (like myself- I teach and do therapy in a school if you didn’t know full time) to combat homophobia.  This came about from the homophobic attack I experienced at school which made me reflect and think why. Of course you already know about the law of attraction from my book and thus grappling with why this happened was confusing at first.  Generally at my school kids are safe/calm with my sexuality. But some particular refugee boys are not.  Or rather were not.  The management dealt with it.  And I also had to look at where I was not loving, respecting and valuing myself in my life.

What else has been going on?

The BBC have asked for me to present a documentary where I go to India and talk about LGBT stuff, so that should be interesting if and when it goes ahead. I was invited to speak at New York for an event so when that happens I will social media it 😀 I’m at a place, where firstly I did not think I would ever be part of LGBT Rights.  I felt a need and wrote a book.  Now I work.  I want to be happy and enjoy life.  So the next steps after my course finally finishes in August I am unsure.  I have enjoyed, lazying around, watching Netflix, studying (somewhat) and working.  I wanted to allow the ideas to come to me, to brew and simmer. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring.  I hope you are well too. Email me back to tell me how.

Much love,


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