Gay Spirituality

Gay Spirituality

To my lovely followers,

A while ago someone asked me the question about the spiritual perspective on finding yourself if you are LGBT. It took me a while to make this video because I had to think about it for a long while.  Such a deep question it was. Then it came to me.  I already knew that sexuality and gender was based on a spectrum.  Male/female, straight/gay was not the only options.  There were many in-between and beyond stages that could change if they want to for a given person. Now some of you may ask in anticipation whether that means they can change who they are.  The answer is no.  Not consciously.  If you will change gender or sexuality it will happen naturally.  Only after you have accepted who or what you are, can or will this change or not as the case may be. This is the same for anything in life to be honest.  You must accept what is before what is may or may not change.  Accept it not to change it, but accept it because that is how you learn self love. Accept where you are right now without thinking of the judgement of others. Unconditionally accept it.  I have been applying that into other areas of my life and then knowing deep down I had a desire to understand and accept the reality as is.  Anicca as the buddhists say, as it is.

What do you think about this?  Email me for a dialogue.

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