Are Bisexuals Greedy?

Are Bisexuals Greedy?

Many people think that bisexual people are greedy. Do you agree?

What is bisexuality anyway?

Sexuality and gender is more fluid and flexible then most believe. Most fit on some point of the spectrum and can move up and down it too.  Bisexual people are fascinating individuals simply because there sexual attraction to either or neither gender can change daily.  So one day they can be attracted to men and another to girls.  I find this absolutely intriguing.

Why do some people not understand this?

Many people are stuck in the notion that sexuality and gender is rigid and can never change.  They box themselves in this thought so when they see someone who defies this they fight against them and their own limitations.  Free yourself, from these limitations and allow others to be as they are.  It is ok.

So are bisexuals greedy?

The stereotype is that bisexuals are greedy because they cannot stick with one gender or the other.  Also for many who claim they are bisexual people assume they are homosexual and using it to soften the blow to those around them.  This has come about mostly due to gay people who claimed they were bisexual to ease people to accept them as gay.  There is biphobia and we need to shatter it.  Bisexuals are not greedy, they simply love regardless of gender.

One Love

Let’s embrace one love and be inspired by bisexual people to love others without discrimination.  Let’s learn the art of breaking free from our limitations to live the life we truly want.  Be happy to date bisexual people, for they may be more open hearted and loving.  They will not necessarily leave you because they are bisexual for the next thing.  They will be with you if the love is there.



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